Hirschmann HiFusion

Hirschmann HiFusion 2.0

Stand-alone application to generate a Product Specific Module (PSM)
2.0.02 (See all)

Manufacturers have defined various MIB variables for their devices that are not covered by standard MIBs. HiFusion is a stand-alone application which allows users to generate what is known as a Product Specific Module (PSM). A device-specific PSM is a software container, which includes a device icon, a list of MIB variables which can be supervised, a hierarchy of these variables, as well as status threshold levels and status propagation. The PSM can be imported into Industrial HiVision. Whenever a relevant device is discovered, Industrial HiVision will use the PSM to display the above information.

HiFusion operates as a stand-alone application. It does not require Industrial HiVision to create or test the new PSM. You do not require a license for the program.

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